Pattaya Attraction : 7

Sriracha Tiger Zoo



If you would like to have close encounter with the tigers this is the place. Bottle feed baby tiger and take photos to show to your family and friends. For some taking photographs with a tiger cub, or better a full grown Bengali tiger, can easily be a lifetime experience. There are also many other animals at the zoo. Many shows and entertainments are available such as elephant dance, tiger circus, and crocodile encounter. It’s a fun place for day out around the animals with your family.



Ticket Adult Children
  Regular Price Our Price Regular Price Our Price
Sriracha Tiger Zoo 450 300 250 150
* For children between 100-140 cm of height
Free of charge for children under 100 cm



Coral Island (Koh Lan)




Just a little off Pattaya shore is the Coral Island (Koh Lan). It’s home to the nice beaches and clear water. The water is usually much clearer than the inland beaches in Pattaya. The speed boat will take you right to Ta Wang Beach with no need to drop at the pier to connect with the island Song Taew bus. Relax on the beach with lots of water activities, e.g. parasailing, wave runner. Experience a good day, beautiful clear waters to swim and snorkel, and don’t forget to take plenty of sun tan oil.



Ticket Price
2-way Speed Boat 400
2-way Speed Boat + Thai Set Lunch 700
2-way Speed Boat + Indian Set Lunch 700
2-way Speed Boat + Seafood Set Lunch 800


Nong Nooch Tropical Garden





Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a huge attraction in Sattahip, south of Pattaya. There are many activities inside. The Thai Cultural Show is great and the Elephant Show is not to be missed. You can ride the elephants, take photos with the tigers, feed Araphima fish, and enjoy a walk in giant bird cage. These are just examples and there are many more activities inside. And lest we forget, the tropical gardens are beautiful too. If you’re with kids they will love the place. It’s a large place so you’ll be better off with walking shoes and sunscreen. Then just pace yourself and enjoy your day.





















Ticket Adult Children
  Regular Price Our Price Regular Price Our Price
Admission only 500 400 500 330
Admission + shows 800 600 800 400
Admission + shows + int'l buffet lunch 1,200 880 1,200 650
Elephant riding 20 min 400 320 400 280
Asians only
Show+Lunch or dinner Chinese buffet 1,050 700 1,050 500
Show+Lunch or dinner Thai buffet 1,050 720 1,050 520
* For children between 90-130 cm of height

• Garden open everyday from 8.00 hrs. to 18.00 hrs.

• Show Times for Cultural Extravaganza & Elephant Show :

Morning :

Round 1 : 10:30 Hrs. 

Afternoon :

Round 2 : 13:30 Hrs.

Round 3 : 14:30 Hrs.

Round 4 : 15:30 Hrs.

Round 5 : 16:30 Hrs

Round 6 : 17:30 Hrs.


Alcazar Cabaret



The world renowned Pattaya ladyboys cabaret, Alcazar features wonderfully choreographed performances from diverse cultures of the world. It brings to life a fairy world of imagination. Music, dance, sky, earth, mountains, fog, mist and costumes. The show is a little over an hour and is executed through excellent choreography, dazzling sets, superb sound and light system.



Ticket Price
  Regular Price Our Price
VIP 800 540
Normal 600 440
* Show times : 17.00 / 18.30 / 20.00 /21.30
(Please choose one in your booking)





The Original Transvestite Cabaret show in Pattaya, Tiffany has been around for more than 40 years. The transvestite professionals are pretty (many say they have to remind themselves they are not women). The venue is a nice place and the show is spectacular. The dancing and lip syncing are enhanced with well executed sequence and extravagant props, rendering dazzling portraying of different types of small stories. Great show which some funny bits which will get you to laugh and make for a really enjoyable night.





Ticket Price
  Regular Price Our Price
Forienger VIP Gold 1,300 950
Forienger VIP 1,100 850
Forienger Mezzanine 800 700
* Show times : 18.00 / 19.30 /21.00
(Please choose one in your booking)


Art in Paradise





Art in Paradise Museum is a place to let your imagination run wild and go photo crazy. The 3D museum has so many 3D paintings in its ten galleries – the Camouflage Room, Under the Ocean Room, Wildlife Room, Classical Art Room, Civilization Room, Surrealism Room, Dinosaur Room, Waterfall Room, Scenery Room, and Exhibition of Art Room. So no matter you want to get your photo taken with underwater creatures, or ancient temples, or nice landscape, or with a T Rex, all is possible. The paintings a very real and the place is well maintained. It’s really worth a visit.



Ticket Adult Children
  Regular Price Our Price Regular Price Our Price
Art in Paradise 400 300 200 180
* Free of charge for children under 100 cm


Ripley World Pattaya














If you have an interest in world history, interesting stories, the wonder and the weird, Ripley’s World of Entertainment is the place for you. Located on 2nd floor of Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya, it features 7 attractions under one roof. 
  • Believe It or Not!
  • Haunted Adventure
  • 12D Moving Theater
  • Infinity Maze
  • Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks
  • Scream in The Dark!
  • The Vault

The main attraction Believe It or Not! is bizarre memorabilia at its best. Scream in the Dark is so much fun riding and shooting moving targets in the dark. Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks will let you have some fun photo snaps playing golf with tiger woods, boxing with Tyson, or posting with Tom Cruise.



Ticket Price
  Regular Price Our Price
3 Combo 800 650
5 Combo 1,200 900
7 Combo 1,500 1,100

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